It has been a long time since I created a website from scratch. Either it has gotten harder and a lot more time consuming or I have forgotten how much time you have to put into it. From gathering content to photos and setting up pages and links, then checking everything. I sure thought I would be farther along. Of course when you don’t work on it full-time . . . It seems there are always several projects that require attention.

One that is taking up a lot of time, but that I enjoy greatly, is teaching. This semester I have two classes: one is an online digital photography class and the other is an Early College class. It is interesting to see the different interpretations of the assignments. Although I see photographs of the same places, they have a different perspective. Last semester I had a student that loved reptiles so I got to see various snakes and lizards up close. I don’t mind snakes so it was interesting to see the textures, colors and shapes. One student, over the summer, had an internship at a national park so she turned in amazing landscape and wildlife photographs. Looking forward to what this semester brings.

And so you can see how easy it is to get off on a tangent and not work on the website. GOAL: to have the site updated by the end of the month.

A Work in Progress